Pogoda na dziś, 20. January 2019

wind in exposed higher regions: Northwest to North with 10 to 2o kmph
Clouds will break up, later on sunny conditions. Staying cold.

Jutro, 21. January 2019

wind in exposed higher regions: West to Northwest up to 30 kmph
The new week starts with sun and some clouds. Still cold.

Tuesday, January 22

Sunny and cold winter-weather is expected.

Wednesday, January 23

Mostly cloudy, but only in the south probably some snowfall.

Thursday, January 24

Mostly cloudy and only short sunny spells. Local slight snowshowers possible.

Friday, January 25

Mostly sunny and cold weather.

Saturday, January 26

Wonderful weather is expected.

20.01.2019 - 18:43 - Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG) - The weather experts in Carinthia